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Юли 2018

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 За модула ЕМХ на ProE

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Male Брой мнения : 2
Age : 39
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Registration date : 28.03.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: За модула ЕМХ на ProE   Съб 5 Апр - 12:07:32

Има ли някой от разглеждащите този форум, който да използва или да е използвал модула ЕМХ на ProE? Става въпрос по-точно за версията 5.0 и ме интересува дали сте намирали някакви помощни материали за него. На мен ми се налага да го използвам и като цяло съм доволен от него, но има и доста проблеми. Ще се радвам ако се намери някой, с когото да пообменим опит.
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Male Брой мнения : 796
Местожителство : София, България
Job/hobbies : CAD/CAM специалист
Reputation : 3
Points : 5893
Registration date : 27.03.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: EMX - от вътре   Пон 7 Апр - 16:56:49

Здравейте! В няколко постинга ще се опитам да дам обща информация за модула, но не съм специалист по него.
Съжалявам, че инфото е на друг език. За момента нe разполагам с нужното време. Дано да бъда от полза.

How to run an update installation

Installation directory
It is recommended to install EMX 5.0 not into an existing 4.1 installation. Please use a new installation directory to make sure you do not overwrite any modified templates of your previous release. Then check the information in "Using old 4.x templates and settings" and follow the instructions.

Required settings in the config.pro
For using the Toolbar of EMX 4.x it was necessary to add the EMX mapkeys in your config.pro file. In EMX 5.0 this is no longer required. The only entries that need to be added to your config.pro are this lines:

default_ext_ref_scope ALL (to allow external references)

set_trail_single_step NO (to make sure macros/mapkeys used within EMX can be executed without interaction)

native_kbd_macros NO (EMX macros run independent from any LANG setting)

open_simplified_rep_by_default NO (To avoid that Simplified Rep-dialog box is opened when retrieving an EMX drawing)

show_dim_sign no (EMX will handle positive and negative dimensions like offsets internally)

PROTKDAT <install_emx50>\text\protk.dat (to register the EMX application automatically)

Settings in the protk.dat file
The file protk.dat that can be found in <install_emx50>/text includes information about EMX so Pro/ENGINEER is able to run it. Here is the typical content:

name EMX 5.0 M020 (name of the application that appears in Tools > Auxiliary Applications dialog box)

startup dll (must always be set like this as EMX is shipped as a DLL)

exec_file D:\buw\EMX50\i486_nt\emx50.dll (path to the EMX program file)

text_dir D:\buw\EMX50 (path to the EMX installation)

revision 25.0 (this entry does not matter to much, leave it as is)

allow_stop FALSE (Do not show EMX line in Tools > Auxiliary Applications dialog box as it should not be stopped manually)

delay_start FALSE (Invoke EMX immediately when starting Pro/ENGINEER. Set this to FALSE if EMX should be registered, but not started automatically!)

end (must always be last line in the protk.dat file)

Using the EMX config.win
It was very complicated to use the EMX 4.x toolbar if you had defined your own config.win in the past. Combining the EMX config.win and your config.win was a task for experts only.

EMX 5.0 does provide all EMX functions and Icons in the Foreign applications section of the Customize Commands dialog box of Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire2 and Wildfire3. So you can add EMX commands to your self defined toolbar like any other Pro/ENGINEER command from now on.

Using 4.x templates and settings

EMX models
All 4.1 templates/models can be used in release 5.0. Nevertheless it is recommended to use the new 5.0 assembly templates when creating a new EMX project. Some of the new EMX 5.0 functionality can only be used when working with the new skeleton model of the EMX 5.0 assembly <install_exm50>/components/mm/asm/empty_template/emx_moldbase.asm.

This functions (i.e. subassembly handling) are not available with 4.1 assembly templates <install_emx41>/mm/parts/assembly/moldbase.asm. Please read the EMX 5.0 Release Notes for further information about the new assembly template.

EMX Configuration
4.1 parameter and configuration files hosted in <install_emx41>/configuration can partly be used in EMX5.0 <install_emx50>/configuration. To avoid problems the filenames have been modified in EMX 5.0, view and layer information is now stored in new template models. This settings will be copied to any component assembled with EMX. Please read this table to see which files had been modified or are no longer required in EMX5.0.

Read Using the Database-Converter to see how the old files can be converted to the new EMX50 installation directory.

EMX4.1 filename
EMX50 filename


























no longer required.









no longer required




no longer required

no longer required



no longer required

no longer required





no longer required



EMX Symbols that used to be in <install_emx41>/mm/buw_symbols are now located in configuration/symbols_dtl/mm. It is no longer required to add the symbols in the Pro/ENGINEER installation directory or to modify the pro_symbol_dir-Option of Pro/ENGINEER, EMX will find the EMX Symbols automatically if they are located in the mentioned directory.

Note: The file bore_technology.cfg and the handling of technology information had been improved in EMX5.0 so that the old setting in technology_color.cfg and technology_param.cfg cannot be converted using the Data Converter. Use the EMX > Options dialog box to set the colors and parameters for certain UDF's and plate features new.

Using the Database-Converter
After you have installed EMX50 in a new installation directory start the program <install_emx50>/i486_nt/emx50_migrator.exe. Even this program is hosted in the 32bit-directory it can also be used for Windows 64 bit. The dialog box Update the new release with previous release settings is opened.

Convert configuration files
In the first step your existing 4.x configuration files should be copied and reformatted to the EMX5.0 installation.

Activate Convert configuration.

Activate Overwrite existing files.

Press Start migration.

The view- and layer-template model of EMX 5.0 <install_emx50>/configuration/templates/view_layer_template.prt cannot be modified by this program. You have to open this file with Pro/ENGINEER and rename/add/modify the included layers and the views to your needs. Save the model once all changes have been made.

Copy Pro/ENGINEER Model Files
If you have modified some EMX4.1 template models you can use this option to copy them to the correct directory of the new EMX 5.0 installation. The models for the assembly and manufacturing templates will not be copied automatically as it is recommended to use the new EMX 5.0 assembly template.

Activate mm and/or inch.

Activate the type of components such as Plate, Screw etc. Library components will not be handled by this function. When copying models of function units like Slider assemblies the suppliers must be selected in addition.

Activate Copy ProE model files.

Activate Overwrite existing files.

Press Start migration.

Note: Some EMX4.1 templates had been modified within the last two years to fix bugs. The templates shipped with EMX5.0 are equivalent to the templates of EMX4.1 buildcode M380. If you overwrite EMX 5.0 templates with previous EMX4.1 releases you might reinstall "wrong" template models! So handle this conversion option with care.
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Male Брой мнения : 796
Местожителство : София, България
Job/hobbies : CAD/CAM специалист
Reputation : 3
Points : 5893
Registration date : 27.03.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: EMX - от вътре - 2   Пон 7 Апр - 17:12:35

Copy Supplier Files
The available suppliers for certain components and the sort order that will appear in the supplier selection of all dialog boxes is defined in EMX 4.x by the supplier_*-files in <install_emx41>/tcltk/system/mm. In EMX5.0 the according supplier files are located in <install_exm50>/components/mm/<comp_type>. This option can only be used together with Copy ProE model files. Just activate also the Copy supplier files button before using Start migration.

Convert Machine data
This option make sense as most customers have defined their own machine settings in previous EMX 4.x.

Activate mm and/or inch.

Activate Convert machine data.

Activate Overwrite existing files.

Press Start migration.

Note: Read EMX Machine Representation to improve and complete your converted machine data.

Convert Moldbase Sizes
Use this option only if you have added a new catalog in EMX 4.x or if you have modified the size-files for a supplier in <install_emx41>/tcltk/system/<supplier>/size_xxx.

Activate mm and/or inch.

Click any supplier from the list below mm to toggle its status to active.

Activate Convert moldbase size.

Activate Overwrite existing files.

Press Start migration.

All size-files of the selected suppliers will be transformed to match new EMX5.0 format. This reformatting was tested based on regular EMX supplier files only. Problems might occur if you use the function to convert your own catalog sizes.

Convert Component Data Files
If you had modified any data file in <install_emx41>/tcltk/system/<supplier>/mm use this dialog box to convert the files for EMX 5.0.

Activate mm and/or inch.

Click any supplier from the list below mm to toggle its status to activ.

Activate Convert moldbase size.

Activate Overwrite existing files.

Press Start migration.

This conversion is a very complex procedure as EMX 4.1 data files had a different format for each component type. In EMX5.0 the file format is identical for all components. If the EMX 5.0 data file created by this Conversion software seem to be incorrect read the Component Instances chapter. Based on that information you will be able to correct the files.

Copy Relation Files (not recommended)
EMX5.0 has a new approach to define the ordering numbers for all components. The relation files of EMX 4.x had been used to format the ordering numbers for components, but this had many disadvantages. In EMX5.0 the ordering number and other information can be defined for each instance in the database. Read the Component Instances chapter to learn more about this new approach.
EMX 5.0 Release Notes
This chapter describes the major modifications realized in EMX5.0. In addition to this points about 400 changes have been made to enhance work flow, user interface and Pro/ENGINEER models. When mentioning directory names in the following "mm" is used to describe unit specific directory names. If you work with imperial parts the according directories would be named "inch".

New Program Directory Structure
In release 4.1 the data of any EMX component had been stored in 4 different sub-directories of the EMX4.1 installation:

Suppliers: <install_emx41>/tcltk/system/mm

Component data: <install_emx41>/tcltk/system/<supplier>/mm/xxx_data.txt

Component models: <install_emx41>/mm/parts/<comptype>

Relations: <install_emx41>/mm/parts/<comptype>/<supplier>/mm

Therefore it was very complicated to add new components or maintain data files.

In EMX 5.0 all information regarding a certain component type (i.e. screws) is hosted in one directory


A unique Component Editor from EMX5.0 > Administrator Tools can be used to maintain the data files for all components in the future.

Note: In current release M020 of EMX 5.0 this Component Editor can only be used to add and maintain library components.

New Workflow
While defining properties of EMX components the Pro/ENGINEER window is no longer locked. Rotate your current design in the graphics window, toggle visibility of layers of features on and off, do any required action while defining EMX components. The major improvement was made in the Moldbase Definition dialog box: Only when loading an entire moldbase or change the moldbase size all components of the current 3D model will be modified. For any other modification only the part that was modified will be regenerated.

All dialog boxes are now implemented using MS Windows API. This allow a direct link between Pro/ENGINEER and EMX dialog boxes without any intermediate files for data exchange that was required in 4.1 tcltk programing language. This direct link enables EMX 5.0 to provide a direct 3D-preview in the Pro/ENGINEER graphics window while defining the properties of a component.

The GUI layout is similar for all component types so it is very easy to learn how to use it.

Unique Component Data Format
The database of EMX 5.0 that contains all component relevant data is now identical for any EMX component. Read Component Instances for details.

New Handling of Component Bill of Material Information
All Bill of Material [BOM] information and naming conventions for a component are provided in the dialog box before the component is assembled. So it is possible to overwrite, correct the EMX defaults before this component will be added to your design.

The new Bill of Material dialog box provides access to each component of the EMX assembly. All parameters can be set individually. The parameters that are used to recognize identical components can be set up by the user. You can drive wether two components will be listed as one position in the BOM or as two positions.

Externalized description of Cutout Data
The link between a certain EMX component and the cutouts that are created for this components had been hard coded in EMX 4.1. The user had no chance to modify this but asking B&W for an enhancement request. In EMX 5.0 the information which cut should be made when placing a component is fully externalized in regular ascii files.

Please read Component Instances to get details.

Using Skeleton models to support Subassemblies in EMX
As many companies like to work parallel with several designers on one mold design EMX 5.0 allow the setup of the moldbase using subassemblies. In the first step the main structure of the moldbase is defined in Moldbase Definition dialog box. Then all subassemblies can be modified individually using EMX in the further design. A skeleton model that contains all major datum references is inherited to all subassemblies.

Avoid Loss of References when Modifying Components
By default components and UDF's will no longer be disassembled when modify the properties of a EMX component. Even when changing the component type EMX will try to keep as much information of this component as possible to avoid unlinked dimensions in drawings or loss of component specific data.

Support Project specific Parameters
In addition to default BOM parameters EMX does now support the definition of project specific BOM parameters such as article, customer name etc. in the Project Definition GUI. This parameter setup will be stored in the directory together with the moldbase assembly. When changing local parameters during the design process they will be updated in all existing parts of the assembly when opening the BOM dialog box.
Represent Machine by a Solid Model
In the EMX 4.1 assembly template the Mold injection machine was just represented just by some surface features. It was very hard to increase the information stored in the machine. In EMX 5.0 the Machine is represented by a real Pro/ENGINEER solid model. You can modify this model without limits and set up the dimensions that should be driven by the EMX Machine dialog box.

Note: As the model is part of the EMX assembly the outline of drawing views for this assembly will consider the machine representation. This enable the user to "fix" the drawing view outline so that views and snapping lines are no longer changed when adding plates. Just make sure the machine is larger than the moldbase stack of plates.

Improved Moldbase Opening Simulation
All Moldbase Opening Simulation tasks are driven by one dialog box in EMX 5.0. When running the simulation without interference check the time for calculating the single steps of the moldbase opening process had been reduced dramatically.

Further improvements
New SmartHolechart 5.0 is fully integrated in EMX 5.0. SmartHolechart functionality and usage is not part of this training guide. Please refer to the SmartHolechart Reference Guide for more information.

Set up user- or group specific configuration for EMX using the environment variables

EMX_USER_CONFIG_PATH for EMX settings and

SHC_USER_CONFIG for SmartHolechart settings.

Any EMX information (templates, data files, configuration files) can be hosted in this special EMX folders that must have the same directory structure like the default EMX installation.

Components that represent assemblies can be individually combined using previously defined component instances.

EMX will provide 5 functions for any type of component:





Reassemble as Copy

New Analysis functions like Placement of QMM-points or Extracting the waterline will help to improve design quality.

Set up the Bill of Material Parameters
When adding any EMX component a set of parameters will be added to the Pro/ENGINEER model and component. You can use this parameters to set up the columns of the Bill of Material [BOM].

Select the Parameter Sheet in the EMX Options dialog box.

Remove a Parameter
Click the line DRW_SHEET.

This line will become the active (blue) line.

Press the button "-"

The parameter line will be removed from the list.

Disable a Parameter in the BOM Table
Double click the column Show in table in the line NOTE.

Select N from the list.

This parameter will now be created in each EMX part, but it will not be listed in the BOM table on the EMX report and drawing and in the EMX Bill of Material dialog box.

Add a New Project Parameter
Select the Project parameter Sheet in the EMX Options dialog box.

Click the line ARTICLE.

This line will become the active (blue) line.

Press the button "+"

The content of the active line is copied to a new added parameter named _ARTICLE that appears above the active line.

Double click the first column of the line _ARTICLE.

Overwrite the name with TUTOR_TEST.

Leave the dialog box with to save the new settings.

The Option definition is saved to the file <install_emx50>/configuration/emx_options.cfg.

The Parameter definition is saved to the file <install_emx50>/configuration/parameter.cfg.

The Project parameter definition is saved to the file <install_emx50>/configuration/project_parameter.cfg.

Predefine selection lists for parameters
For parameters that are not bound to an internal parameter in the Default value column (i.e. the new created parameter TUTOR_TEST) you can define a selection of valid values in the file <install_emx50>/configuration/sel_list.txt. Open this file with any editor (i.e. Notepad) and add the Parameter name with a "#" sign like shown below. Then list all possible values for this parameter in the following lines.

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Male Брой мнения : 796
Местожителство : София, България
Job/hobbies : CAD/CAM специалист
Reputation : 3
Points : 5893
Registration date : 27.03.2008

ПисанеЗаглавие: EMX - от вътре - 3   Пон 7 Апр - 17:19:56

Modify the EMX Templates
The new EMX 5.0 drawing templates are shipped without any drawing format. Before starting your design work with EMX you should add your company formats to the drawing templates that will be used for any new EMX component or EMX assembly. Please refer to the EMX 5.0 Reference Guide for details.

This should be done after you have set the Bill of Material Parameters. If you want to display certain model parameters in the drawing format you have to create the parameter manually in the template part. Pro/ENGINEER is not able to update the parameter content referred by "&<parameter name> in a format properly if the parameter is added to the model later. Please make sure the parameter type you have defined in the EMX Bill of Material Parameters is the same like the one defined with a dummy value in the original template models.
Create the EMX Project
Most EMX functionality can only be used if the current assembly model (the active model) is an EMX assembly. EMX supports two assembly types:

Regular Assembly

Manufacturing Assembly.

To use the Manufacturing Assembly you must have a valid Pro/MOLDDESIGN license available. Regular EMX Assemblies can be created with Pro/FOUNDATION.

It is recommended to use regular assemblies. Especially the windows handling in Pro/MOLDDESIGN mode is very problematic. So even you have decided to use MFG-mode EMX functions will only be available when the model in the active Window is the assembly. You can verify this by checking the icon in the top left corner of your Pro/ENGINEER graphics window. It should display this icon:

ASM mode: Create a Project if the Core/Cavity insert exist
Set the Working Directory
Set the working directory of Pro/ENGINEER with File > Set Working Directory. Browse to the path:


an press OK.

Create the EMX Project
Press EMX > Project > ...create new.

In Project dialog box...

Enter Project name TUTOR.

Enter Prefix T1.

Enter User name Hannes (or your name)

Enter Note This is just a string parameter.

Click Copy reports to deactivate it.

Double click the column Value of the local parameter TUTOR_TEST.

Select C2 from the selection list.

Double click the column Value of the local parameter ARTICLE.

Select AB-456 from the selection list.

Double click the column Value of the local parameter CUSTOMER.

As there is no list defined for this parameter no pulldown is popped up. Just enter Name.

Press to close the dialog box.

EMX will copy the selected assembly template and a drawing from the template directory to the current working directory. Both models are renamed to TUTOR and a new BOM drawing table is added with columns for all parameters where the Show in table-value is set to Y.

As the option NAME_COMP_DISPLAY is set to VIS0001 a new rule based style is added to the assembly with the name VIS0001. This rule will make sure all EMX plates are set to wireframe display. To avoid the generation of this style set the option NAME_COMP_DISPLAY to -.

The EMX Machine model and Skeleton model are part of the template. Display the features in the Pro/ENGINEER Model tree. You will find the huge set of reference datum features in the skeleton model. The feature CAVITY1 should be used to place your previously defined core/cavity insert assembly.

Assemble the Core/Cavity Insert Assembly
Select Insert > Component > Assemble.

Click the assembly ASM_TUTOR.ASM and Press Open.

This insert assembly is set up with a family table. Select ASM_TUTOR_1 from the Select Instance dialog box.

Click the Type column in the Component Placement dialog box and select Coord Sys.

Select the Csys POSITION in the assembly ASM_TUTOR_1 and the Csys CAVITY_1 in the assembly TUTOR.

Leave the Component Placement dialog box with OK.
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Вижте профила на потребителя http://cadcamcae-bg.top-forum.net
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За модула ЕМХ на ProE
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